Enjoy this video featuring an enormous, nuclear-powered icebreaker

Those stalinium reactors generate 11.4 shittons of power each.

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I don’t want to crush your dreams but that’s clearly a fake

I didn’t know Putin was on that ship. How could I be so blind. It clearly is an instrument in his quest for world domination. Jesting aside,

Russia lacks ice free access to the Atlantic and Pacific. This is an economic necessity for them. They currently run five nuclear ice breakers, four of which were built in the late 80ies and early nineties. Three modern replacement seems to be under construction, which to me seems fairly reasonable and rational.

I’d been led to believe that the arctic would be ice free soon. Are they still building more of these as part of some old five year plan?

You said “Northwest Passage”


You said Stan Rogers!


2:14 Kate Beaton

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How could you miss him?! He’s the shirtless guy riding the horse on the deck.

I certainly understand the economic importance for Russia to have access to the Atlantic and Pacific, but they are also looking to stake claims to more of the Arctic and have built new military bases and airstrips for that purpose.

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