10 hours of ambient noise from an "icebreaker in the frozen arctic"


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First ship out’a Academy was a supplier following an icebreaker in the Arctic. It was delisiously quiet, good for the sleepy time.


This is even better than the 24 hour ST:TNG engine idle video.




I prefer the one with calm cafe chatter. Brrr!


I do like this. :slight_smile:


I think I saw a ghost.


dreamed I was wasting gas to be someplace I shouldn’t be and couldn’t leave.


I suppose it would be difficult to get the ten hours without the sound of the equipment keeping you alive.


That’s delicio.us. Bookmarking this for July.


I put this on while doing other things, it took me places…when I turned it off, I was just in my stupid room. 10/10 would donner party again


I like that there’s no loop.
My wife got me a clock radio that had rain, storms, night time sounds, etc… and I could hear the loops so I couldn’t use them.


I don’t think that’s an actual video?


Some might find this calming. To me it sounds like the rush of blood in my ears nearly every time there’s news from Washington DC.


Those eyes, they won’t stop staring at me!!!



Icey McIcebreakerFace’s debut album, “Stuck in the Ice Ice Baby”


Add a foghorn, turn up the bass, and Lustmord will hit you with a takedown request :smiley:

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