What do icebergs sound like?


… high-pitched cow moo-ing.

My God - haven’t you guys illegalised cow-pitching yet? It’s barbaric.

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“Mysterious sounds” from the second linked page is pretty interesting, kinda like one of Eno’s ambient albums on very bad acid while getting that strychnine jaw clench from cheap meth.

If you like underwater stuff, check out Jana Winderen’s work: http://www.janawinderen.com/releases/energy_field_touch_to73_availa.html

Also, Douglas Quinn’s “Fathom” has some gorgeous iceberg recording on it: http://ghostcapital.blogspot.co.uk/2010/11/douglas-quin-fathom-taiga-2010.html

Maggie, might be fun to check in with DJ Spooky about his 2010 project documenting the Antarctic, including music made with genuine sounds of ice. I saw a special presentation of the multimedia film portion of it at The Tech Museum in San Jose, CA, a few years back.

Apparently, Ice Music is on display in North Dakota for a few more days…

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