This 24-hour recording of idling engine noise from a Star Trek ship in Star Trek will put you to sleep


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I dunno. The ambient urban drone noise including a highway doesn’t put me to sleep.


Uploading my own version, with this inserted at the 5 hour mark: Star Trek Lullaby

You Monster



a recording? hot damn, i was just hoping for a simulation.


What kind of lowlife nerd would play that noise for that long?

/five hours later the video is still playing in the background

Oh, shit…


I don’t know, I’d have a hard time sleeping. The warp core is clearly out of alignment.


The Clementine music player has a mode for this very thing. I don’t know if they did it for the same reason, but it was super annoying when it got enabled and I had to hunt for what was making my music sound terrible.


That’s close to what I hear when I cover my ears with my hands… and when I don’t want to be exposed to crappy, Star Wars dialogue.


You bastard. Made me choke on my noodles!


Hasn’t this been posted previously? Lovely though. I’d like to go to that acoustic sweet-spot in the jefferies tubes and take a nap.


We paired this on low with someone’s starfield video approaching the galactic core on our flat screen TV for ambient during one of our Star Trek RPGs. Next is the blue LED strips around the outside of the TV screen, as threatened by DH.


I get all my white noise from Stargate franchises.


Unfortunately this is not a ‘recording’ but just a loop over and over. And I can still hear the tiny gap (every 16.5 seconds roughly), which makes it useless as ambient sleep white noise (the 1080 version has the same) …

Found this instead which does not have the Star Trek brand, but works wonders on my sleep


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