Audio fandom: exploring the ambient noises of stfnal spaceships

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I wish i had had this years ago. When my oldest was five, I converted his room to Nostromo decor. It took about six months, and included converting his door to a slide open hatch with a flashing light, and building a bridge chair and control panel, complete with emergency helmet on the seat back. I had the ambient noise going, but I had to extract it very slowly from a dvd of the film, using an audio editing program. His wake-up alarm was the “self destruct” message, which is also my phone ringtone. Having this track would have saved me about two week’s work.


How much of a dork am I that I did, but don’t have a wee one. There are several ships engines both on the tube and in MP3 form across the wider web. If it’s a starship that has an idle sound, someone’s looped it.

On of my favorite categories of this are SciFi ambient noises - the background noise from your favorite futuristic city or local hangout has likely been looped as well. Deckard’s apartment is one I tend to enjoy from time to time. I’ll just kick it on as simple background noise some days.

BTW, +1 cool dad points


oh, man, I had that playset when I was a kid… loved that thing almost as much as my wind up Evel Knievel

Well, I way overdid it, which seems to be my thing. The younger daughter wanted under the sea, so I did two walls in dark indigo, and an under the sea wall size poster on the two remaining walls. realistic plush fish and plastic jellyfish were hanging from thin mono-filament from the ceiling at various levels, and the room was lit (no windows) with a ripple effect theatre light. The only other light was an old ship’s lamp for a reading light. The room was too dark for much other than sleeping, but both kid’s rooms led into a common playroom. The Nostromo room also featured a smoke machine which was set to come on 20 seconds before the “self destruct” sound played. That was computer controlled, which could be set as a wake up alarm, or triggered manually from my laptop. I put way too much effort into it. We still have the Nostromo bridge chair and panel, as well as some of the signs I had printed and laminated.

Nice. I always did love that background hum of the enterprise d but i don’t think i was fully aware of it until generations came out and its absence was glaring. Not to mention the poor lighting compared to the bright and pastel-coloured series. Of course, those 2 problems with generations are the tip of the iceberg of problems the whole film suffers from.

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For as much people claim corporations are only concerned about the money…they’ve been throwing away income like this for years.

What would it take for CBS/ Paramount to make a Star Trek ambient noise machine / alarm app? Sell that sucker for $2-5 bucks and you have a nice revenue stream.

Back in the day when people actually used screen savers, they never bothered with a LCARS themed screen saver either. Some guy made a free (unlicensed) one, which was fine, but I’m actually willing to support things with my wallet that I actually like.

Istead, when the new Star Trek show gets released, they’ll come out with a “Fan App” so you can chat and tweet while you watch the episodes. Also, they’ll get access to your contacts and geolocational data…but you’ll be able to get insider info like Spock’s third aunt, twice removed was originally named P’lop Plop, but in the new continuity, she’s called Pu’lop Plop!

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