Star Trek white noise machine/starfield projector/alarm clock


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If only it was real… [back in April…]


Geek toys done right!


Can I have it?
Can I have it?
Can I have it?
(Repeat 27 times. Internal monologue.)


who won your internal struggle? hopefully not the no guy, nay-sayers are no fun


I dunno about all of you, but when I open up my computer every April 1st, the very first site I head to is ThinkGeek.


Remember, if they get enough people asking for it to become real, it may very well happen - a lot of the best things for sale here originated as April Fools products.

I’d buy it too, but it’s missing one thing that I was expecting - the option to add little sounds of crew activity to the ambient noise. Doors whooshing open or closed, little beeps as controls are operated, etc. Like faintly hearing people talking or watching TV in another room, which some people find calming as they nod off.


But it’s not April 1st…


Is anyone surprised that he’s sleeping alone?


Is it just me, or does this clock look like the device that they ended up trapping the holodeck Moriarty within? Maybe it was a multi-purpose widget and was later seen in the background in Sickbay, I dunno.


Good eye. From the tng epi “ship in a bottle”. The main memory device (cube bit) looks pretty close.


The proportions aren’t right but, yes, the device is a close spiritual something of the headless mode holodeck. :laughing:

Annnd @jamesnsc beat me to it. With pictures even.


I was intending to post this exact same image, and you beat me to it!


I have one in my starship.


Which, ironically, was not a “bottle episode”.


I also found some, what appear to be, prop shots of it:

…and best guess it looks like you could do a 1:1 conversion from think geek to a neater than either prop replica with basically just a bit of MDF, access to a wood shop (ie: your local maker space), some spray paint & a few other odds ends.


Pretty sweet, but that’s not white noise.


Picky, picky. We would so buy one of those for our house. We iz nerds.


EDIT: Here’s someone who posted one of those cheesy “12 hours of engine noise” Youtube videos generated from

play -c 2 -n -c1 synth whitenoise lowpass -1 120 lowpass -1 120 lowpass -1 120 gain +10