Ennio Morricone, 1928-2020

My parents had a Henry Mancini record with a version of that. It used to freak me out (I would’ve been about 3).

I was fortunate that the first time I sat down and watched the whole thing was in the Paramount Theater in Austin. It was way better than I would have expected. I tried to get my dad to watch the DVD and it didn’t hit him the same way, at all.


It was standard practice in Italy to re-dub all dialog, even when the films were shot with all Italian actors and the film was just released locally. Often they’d redub the dialog with different actors! For the films produced for the international market they’d shoot with the actors speaking their native languages, it didn’t matter if they were speaking different languages as they never intended to use that audio.


The exception to this (that I can think of) was Blow-Up (at least, not all of the movie was dubbed). Granted, it wasn’t filmed in Italy, but then neither were Leone’s westerns. I think that by the 70s they gradually moved to on-location sound but I can’t think of a specific example, and (again, I’m guessing) that the Italian Emanuelle series was filmed in the way you’ve described.

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Blow-Up looks like it was a mostly British crew, so not surprising. I don’t think they had changed practices much in the 70s, even up to recent years they still do a lot of dubbing, probably wasn’t until the 90s that it started to change seriously.


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