Killer Morricone noir-jazz/avant-garde soundtrack reissued on vinyl


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I can see this featured in an upcoming episode of El Diabolik’s podcast.
Why vinyl only though?


You haven’t experienced this until you’ve heard it on vi…oh, it’s on vinyl.

You win this time, Boingboing!


Great soundtrack, movie is absolute unwatchable shit.


If you don’t want to bother with overpriced collector’s formats, you can still find used copies of the Morricone “Crime & Dissonance” compilation for cheap. Compiled by former Sun City Girl, Alan Bishop (if you don’t have a copy of his album “Salvador Kali,” well, I’m sorry). It’s two CDs worth of Morricone’s more extreme Miles-Davis-worship tracks – essential for fans of “Get Up With It” and “On The Corner.” Uh, did I mention that I’m a hopeless music nerd? Also, whatever craziness you attempt in your own music – Morricone probably did it already.


It isn’t that bad. Not that good either. But it isn’t Ray Dennis Steckler awful. Yeah I have a pretty low bar.


The secret to really great Morricone and Cheese is to add just a little cream and a pinch of mustard powder.


You can also add some buffalo chicken, For A Few Dollars More.


I had that, once upon a time, in America.


Also great is John Zorn’s Morricone cover album, The Big Gundown.


Yep, spent the last 5 minutes searching for it on my amazon order history! Crime and Dissonance includes the title track from Rispettare Only on the CD version. Another cheap Morricone compilation worth checking out is Morricone High.

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