Enter now for your chance to win a $1000 gift card to DoorDash

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while younger and more affluent customers have traditionally been the biggest users of home delivery services, new figures show more parents are jumping on-board the convenience of local restaurant fare without the hassle.

So… by implication, ‘parents’ are not younger or more affluent. Better tell my twenty-something neighbours with a babe in arms and a toddler, one of whom is holding down a job with a six figure salary.

This stuff is surely written by a robot. Someone needs to tell the algorithm that ‘parent’ is not a synonym for older, nor for poorer.

new figures show

Citation please.


Man. Boingboing shilling for the gig economy.



Based on all the comments to the sponsored content posts, and knowing the types of people on here, I must assume BB readers really aren’t buying into the bullshit.

If that is the case, then BoingBoing is arguably tricking these companies into wasting part of their advertising budgets, which might otherwise be spent propagandizing at more susceptible audiences.

One could say that BoingBoing is actually performing a public service—as long as the editorial content remains critical of the things advertised, or continues to attract critical readers.

Unfortunately, discussing this almost certainly threatens the revenue stream, so expect this comment to be deleted. The illusion must be maintained, for the sake of The Site.


I think this is only true if you sacrifice nutrition for price, and don’t give a decent tip. Or maybe the month in question is a non-leap year February…and you don’t give a decent tip. Or you sell the gift card for cash to buy groceries.

The Hunger Sweepstakes

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Isn’t DoorDash the gig delivery company that steals tips?

Why yes, yes they are


Delivery companies like DoorDash and GrubHub generally take up to a 30% commission, although supposedly they are reducing or eliminating the fee. I wonder if they really are doing this or is this another promise that won’t be fulfilled.

Calling the restaurant directly, or picking up food would help.

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And the drawing is only two months away! At that point in this timeline, DoorDash will only be delivering for the newly-opened national chain TGIS (Thank Goodness Its Squirrels), and $1000 will cover 50% of the total cost of a single meat-and-three entree after the layers of extortionary fees and the $1.05 driver tip.

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Best to give cash tip to your delivery person, whether InstaCart, GrubHub, DoorDash, UberEats or simply the Domino’s kid.
Cash. Tip. commensurate to your order - big order = big tip, right?

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Our local thai place is family owned, and doing a bang up job on the takeout. One person in at a time. Single separate table where food/payment is processed that gets cleaned between customers. People wait in their cars.

They want my email and password. Why me?

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Still possibly better than when they were promoting loot crate subscriptions…

I think the BBS community is a niche subset of the overall BoingBoing readership.

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