Giveaway Alert: $500 Lyft Credit

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I’d ask if Lyft is any better as a company than Uber, but since Austin passed regulations they didn’t like, they abruptly packed up and left. Good fucking riddance.


I have never even taken a Taxi. It would be cool to try this on somebody else’s nickel. Thanks.


But when do we get 99 Lyftballons?


It’s a contest, with a single winner. Your odds of winning are 1 in however many entries they get.

What it really is is a sneaky way for Lyft to get a mailing list, cheap.

Shame on you Boing Boing, seriously - You need to get some ethical guidelines set to differentiate ads from content, or you will cease to be a trustworthy source of information. You wanna know why people use ad blockers? This kind of stuff is why people use ad blockers - because media sites can’t be trusted to use any discretion. FIX IT.


I haven’t seen any evidence that Lyft is anywhere near as awful as Uber. Do you know of any? There was an article linked from BoingBoing recently:

But it didn’t make a very convincing case. Their argument is summarized in the article’s final paragraph:

The idea that Lyft is a more compassionate or morally sound ride-hailing company is false. It continues to place profitability and ridership growth before fair wages and working conditions for its drivers, using the same methods as Uber. Lyft simply escapes the same level of scrutiny because its market share is so much smaller.

You can condemn pretty much any business on those grounds, and especially most Taxi companies. Until someone makes a convincing case for Lyft’s awfulness, I’ll continue to gladly use them over Uber, especially since they’re donating $1,000,000 to the ACLU.

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I spoke with a Lyft driver in SF who explained she switched because Lyft allows drivers to cancel without penalty for safety reasons:

There are a few appropriate reasons for a driver to cancel: If you have an emergency and cannot pick up a ride you have already accepted, or you feel uncomfortable with a passenger and ask them to leave your car, and, canceling for no-shows, which means you arrived at the pickup location and haven’t been able to find the passenger.

Now, if you have a criticism about the larger issue of ridesharing competing with public transit, I am sympathetic to that, but at least Lyft seems to not actively be nefarious on top of a problematic business model.

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