El Paso taxi companies upset that city council loosened taxi regulations

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My displeasure with both Uber & Taxi Co’s increases ten fold every time I have to use them, seriously they suck.


I live in Austin, who recently voted to kick Uber and Lyft out of the city. Personally i have never had a bad experience, and i relied on the service quite a bit.

I don’t like how Uber operates, and their overall philosophy of not paying their drivers well. But the drivers here are usually very cheerful and great to talk to. I really really need to buy a car, not having Uber in town really makes me getting around for certain errands very difficult.


Austin on a whole is an awesomely awesome place to begin with, you have some of the most polite / good mannered humans, especially for Texas. But as a Nation, we generally agree Austin is not really in Texas, it’s more of that it’s in a parallel universe where you have to go to Texas to get to Austin.

My regards to the Alamo, indeed.


Austin didn’t ban Uber and Lyft, those companies decided to leave rather than comply with new regulations.


So Austin is the West Berlin of Texas?


Olivar said the council’s approach was “fullhardy.”

My favorite way to pardy. Seriously, every fucking thing in the world has spellcheck now, how do people do this? I guess probably 90% of what they type has a red underline and they just screen it out or something? Or maybe they’re so dumb they think the red underlines are emphasis, and they like them? Or when they click on the word they’re overwhelmed with the suggested choices and can’t figure out which one is right?


Or when they end every sentence (or fragment) with a question mark?

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With (n=5, or maybe n=6), never been anything but delighted with Uber. I understand, though don’t agree, with the criticisms of the business model, as a consumer it’s been nothing but great.

Just what I was thinking.

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And we have a photo of taxis in Manhattan why? Lame.


Taxi companies and Uber are both awful, so it’s fun to watch them fight each other.

yeah, but no. That’s like saying Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are both awful, so it’s fun to watch them fight. The reality is that we are examining pairings where one thing may indeed be awful, but the counter is a such a terrifyingly massive shitshow that it will destroy what little remains of a cohesive and civil society. Cheering while they claw at each other instead of doing everything you can to prevent the victory of the one that wants little-to-no oversight, governance, or regulation and will FUCK EVERYONE OVER BUT HARD is some seriously irresponsible bullshit. That goes for both Trump and Uber, needless (I hope) to say.


Well, it isn’t that bad. But the drive from Dallas to Austin is so boring that apparently quite a few people have come up with the concept of artistic cow placement completely independently.


Whoever wins, we lose

Yes, and Texas is the East Berlin of Texas.

I thought that Texas was supposed to be East Germany in this metaphor.

I’m so confused…

Wow, hyperbole much?

Our taxi company is mobbed up to the earlobes, owns two-thirds of the city council, treats its drivers like shit, and cleans the inside of its vehicles once every two years, without fail. Of course, we only have to put with them about 60 percent of the time, the remaining 40 percent being when they show up late or not at all.

I’d jump for joy if Uber showed up in my small city.

Your mobster taxi company pays licensing fees and taxes. They probably pay a serious chunk of change for the right to use taxis stands around town. All that money helps pay for infrastructure and services that would otherwise come out of your taxes. If Uber oozes its way into town and takes over, guess where the money is going to come from? But hey, what’s a tax hike when compared to the sheer joy of being able to ride in a cab with an untrained, and poorly vetted driver who is treated even worse than the real cabbies. At least he’s grateful for what little income he makes and is more likely to bow and scrape towards me, unlike those unionized cabbies with job security and a sense of self worth and dignity. What’s more, Uber has improved their vetting process and swear their drivers are 72% less rapey than in 2015.

Surge pricing? All part of the exciting new disruptor economy. Unless everyone is trying to escape some sort of disaster or something at once, chances are Uber will be cheaper than a cab, so why worry? Besides, if you think that supply and demand are anything other than perfect, impartial mathematics at work, and as such can be no more “wrongheaded” than pi or the gravitational constant, then you must be a communist (or so Martin Shkreli tells me).

In short: Uber sucks money out of the local economy while contributing nothing, treats drivers like shit, and is more of a law-ignoring-get-its-own-way bully in every city it darkens than your mobster cab companies ever in their wildest dreams thought possible. Uber is part of a race to the bottom, and you, the customer, gets to think he’s the one that wins in this scenario (hint: you’re not). Uber and its ilk (I’m looking at you, AirBnB) is one of many baby steps towards turning the U.S. into a unregulated capitalist paradise on par with Somalia. Free market uber alles, amirite?

At any rate, in response to your original question: no. I do not hyperbole much. I do not, in fact, hyperbole at all. I would sooner stab my own eye out with a red hot rusty fork than engage in any sort of hyperbole.


Second time today :smiley:


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