Uber updates logo to reflect new attitude


Is it just me or do 90% of the “Bad Uber” stories seem malicious, with somewhat unsubstantiated y’know, FACTS about things they’re being accused of to deserve the constant hatchet job? I just wonder if we put cab companies under the microscope (god forbid) what people would find in terms of Monopoloy, Mismanagement, lack of Empathy for Workers, etc… Big Businesses are nasty. Don’t use if you don’t like. I have used Uber about a dozen times in relatively short distances, never a problem. Pleasant drivers. Clean cars. Cheaper than a cab. Quite convenient. I probably own items from brands that have done much worse things that I don’t know about. (Apple anyone? My converse All-Stars made in China???)

Someone please enlighten me why this interesting and so-far quite useful company is constantly getting slammed.

Because they seem determined to act like arseholes? Lyft doesn’t seem to get the same level of bad press. Maybe an aspect of Tall Poppy syndrome too - becoming a media darling means additional scrutiny.

Consider it being an informed consumer. You can form your own opinion of Uber and decide whether you want to continue to use them or not. As you have with Apple and Converse. Do what works for you.

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I’d say it’s the near constant hype and veneration of the company despite the near constant concerns about the moral compass of the company.


Unsubstantiated? I’m sorry, which articles are unsubstantiated?

I know people who work at Uber. Hell, I’ve known Travis since well before Uber. They’ve built themselves up to be such renegades internally that any behavior is now considered justified as long as it gets results no matter how questionable.

I’m actually shocked that no women have sued them for their hostile work environment considering the kinds of emails I’ve been shown by people who work there.


It’s just you.

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Haha, of course its me! Now off to Walmart… oh price surging NOW???

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