How Uber sabotages rival Lyft


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Uber has acquired a reputation for using nasty business tactics against rival Lyft, such as .

Such as what @beschizza!? They’ve gotten to you too!


I do believe some editting is needed in this post. And maybe a link to The Verge?

I’m blogging with the wordpress ios app, damn thing has a mind of its own.

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That’s just what Uber wants you to think.

Also I’m saddened that there weren’t any good results in my google image search for “uber uber alles”.

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If I was involved in any way, this would probably be awful. But as an outsider, it’s kind of entertaining.

I found an interesting thread on reddit’s Chicago sub a few days ago about what appears to be a back and forth between the two maybe? Or a cabbie conspiracy to kill them both? Let’s just get the lidars mounted already and kill three birds with one stone is all I’m saying.

Ah! That would explain why you linked to The Verge’s mobile site, rather than the full one.

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From the article is it not at all clear if this is just a) aggressive recruiting - which is not really considered “sabotage” by most people not trying to garner clicks and links – or if b) Uber is actually trying to impact Lyft’s revenue by purposely calling in and then canceling rides.

Does anyone actually know if b) is happening?


What, Lyft wasn’t doing an effective enough job sabotaging itself with those stupid moustaches and mandatory fist-bumps?

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The mustaches are one of the works marketing decisions ever.

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