Lyft forms global team with Asian ride-hailing rivals to try and kick Uber's ass


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We’ve used Lyft a lot more than Uber and I think the drivers like it better, too. They don’t seem to surge price like Uber does.
Though about half and half seem to work for both in my informal polling of them.
I’ve not seen the mustache’s on the cars anymore, though… :smile:



All the way. Here in San Diego it’s much the better service then Uber.


But will they pay their employees?


I just… don’t get it… whats wrong with taxis?


Price and ease of use.
I live in San Diego (like our friend @Papasan above) and if I need to go to the airport, it’s like 40 each way with a tip. And we live in the city, south of interstate 8 “uptown” so it’s a very quick and short ride. I can call up a Lyft car on my phone and see exactly when they will arrive and it costs about half that. Also, I’d plan on calling a cab a half hour before I need them there just in case. We use it a lot now for going out to dinner. No worries about finding a spot to park or worrying about how much booze to order…
Even in NYC, Lyft and Uber is better than a cab. We were there in Sept. Try hailing a cab on a cross street out front of a bar or restaurant. As soon as you sign your bill, you can call up a ride that will be out front in a minute. AND you can go cheap and share a ride with another rider if you’re going any distance. This was my first time in NYC not using cabs (when not just using the subway instead) and it’s so much better.
Download the app on your phone and check it out.


Taxi services here in San Diego are just awful. And it’s worse in the outlying suburbs and rural-sub to the east, where I live. There are at least two dozen different taxi companies, and they all suck. There’s no accountability, and no penalty for wrongdoing, including just not showing up. Also, they’re outrageously expensive, and often the drivers want to do the trip off the meter and have you pay under the table.

I do have some problems with Uber’s business model. (A couple of those are in the process of being dealt with by the state employment folks.) But when I call for an Uber, they show up quickly when they say they will, I know what it costs, they don’t try to rip me off, and complaints are dealt with quickly and efficiently.


So,I am currently waiting for a taxi. Who had to be dispatched and has taken more then thirty minutes. Thank FSM I give myself 3.5 hours to get to the airport if I take a taxi.

Only once has uber taken more than six minutes.


So… what I’m hearing is some cities have terrible taxi service… so I guess that makes sense.
(I don’t understand why for big cities that should be but thats another conversation.)

In Toronto I never wait more than 10mins, and the companies have their own apps, and you can flag on on the street pretty easily.


Flag a cab on a street. You’re ears are so cute.


Hey, it worked for Winamp and The Llama.


Uber, in the meantime, has decided to “Disrupt” a new area of business - 1880s company towns.


How many hours do you like to wait for them?


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