Entire computer installed inside ATX power supply


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More and more, my old full size ATX case looks like a space hogging dinosaur.

Although I do wonder what kind of heat problems something that teeny is going to have.



There are some great small computers out there now - Apple Mac Mini and the Lenovo M700 come to mind. I have a 2012 Mac Mini that I bought in 2014 off Ebay new in box and upgraded to 16GB of ram. Still plugging away on the latest OS.

But this thing. I mean - Just look at it:


I would very much like to know how his cooling solution performs under load.


Mine too, but it holds my four 4TB drives full of audio and video, serves 'em to the whole house, and stays cool all day and night long while doing so.


That’s not a dinosaur, that’s a homemade NAS. Mine is a dinosaur: no expansion slots used, contains one SSD drive, and an optical drive that gets used almost never.


complete with gaming-class GTX 1060 video card and a (smaller!) internal power supply.

It’s power supplies all the way down.


don’t be silly.


With the cover panel on, at full load (Prime95 Blend @ 2 threads and FurMark 1080p 4x AA) the CPU is around 65°C with the CPU fan going at 1700RPM, and the GPU is at 64°C at 48% fan speed.

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