Entire run of Seinfeld: $59 for 33 discs


What’s the deal with this box set?


You get to see nine seasons of Seinfeld whenever you want?


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Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


Does it come with a DVD jukebox player to swap out the discs?

I’d be tempted if Seinfeld wasn’t on TV every day.

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I’m trying to decide if it’s sponge-worthy.


I wonder if this means a blu-ray release is imminent.

$99.97 at amazon.ca

Get OUT!

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Well, I think you can hardly consider yourself Master of your domain without it!

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What are these “discs” of which you speak?

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How much would they sell me a Seinfeld-branded USB hard drive, with all the episodes on it, for? If they’d think about it, their costs for such a thing would be a lot lower, they could lower the price, still have a good margin, and sell more copies making more profit.


I’m with you on not wanting the separate discs but is a circa-264 gig USB drive really (currently) less expensive than 33 factory pressed DVDs?

Are you so sure about that? The discs for complete sets like this are likely excess stock from the production of the single season releases years ago.

WhyyYYyy is this not on Netflix, whats the deal with streaming?

Well, it’s on Bittorrent, I think.

That’s about $67 too much.

Did not like that show.

It’s up to $119, now.