Great deal on 25-DVD set for The Twilight Zone: The Complete Series

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This is the best deal EVER at BoingBoingStore.


Wait, so the regular def version is $32, but the Blu-Ray version is over $400? The hell?

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I doubt a blu-ray version of such an old show would be worth it due to original source quality being so limited. Also… what is a DVD? :dvd:

According to one verbose reviewer:

Both editions offer uncut, full episodes in great-looking restored black-and-white picture. The high-def 1080p picture on the Blu-ray is, however, stunning. The series was shot on 35mm film, and the Blu-ray’s almost pristine-looking picture shows beautiful fine grains and great details and clarity that indicate great efforts in preservation and restoration.


I stand corrected! :man_standing:

Oh boy, I can’t wait to spot all of the costume and set design elements that the original artists knew wouldn’t show up on the TVs of the day. Zippers, edges of masks, fake walls, makeup, etc…

Sometimes the high def version looks less real than the standard def original.


Getting stuck with 25 optical discs kind of does sound like a Twilight Zone episode.


Limited? It was shot on film, for most episodes.

This is so tempting… but it would just be something nice to have…

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On the other hand, Dr. Who up through at least the 70s will never suffer from higher quality video, since the bad special effects and costumes were obvious at any resolution


LOL I’m this close to ordering, looking at my old DVD collection trying to see if another 25 will fit somewhere.

It looks like it comes in a case that makes 25 DVDs take up a lot less room than 25 DVD cases back-to-back

Are they not all on Netflix?

Yes, they have “4 seasons” out of 5 it appears.

Just don’t show up banging on the bomb shelter steel doors when they remove it or Netflix goes under, asking to borrow our precious, precious physical media.


Something twilight zone-y is going on here. On Amazon, I paid $63 for the complete blu-ray set. On the same product page is shown the price for the DVDs… $706. See below:


I did the same thing. Then when it came out on DVDs I was buying them in the small releases they were doing, even though the were grouped by theme instead of by air date. Finally they released the entire set and I got that. While I do have some regrets, I don’t regret having the complete original run. I also bought them digitally on a deep sale because I didn’t want to take the time ripping them.

Don’t look at the media shelves in my basement. 25 is a drop in the bucket.

(edit) Thanks, @hecep and @KingGhidorah Now I’m thinking of getting them on blu-ray.

(edit2) I’m the king of no self control. Ordered. Meh.



I concur with @KingGhidorah. The br presentations are super sharp and impressively clean. Many episodes reminded me of the b&w quality achieved by the legendary Haskell Wexler. There were a small handful of episodes that the studio experimented with (to cut production costs); those were video-taped. Not a good look, so the studio wisely went back to film.


Not if the actors wear tweed.


I have vintage Dr Who on bluray.

One release is (visually) worth it.

The other, eh not so much. (Think of it as multiple episodes for 20 bucks. Unless you’ve already got the good ones, and only Meglos remains)

I just had the craziest dream… the world had been destroyed by an H-bomb and, being the last person alive, I stumble through the rubble and find the complete DVD set of Twilight Zone…


Hey, it’s fun to have a few beers and spot those details and point them out to each other.