Space: 1999 Season 1 on Blu-Ray


Oh come on. That show was awful.

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Does that mean it will be in hi Def? Surely not…

No, but it is remastered/restored very nicely. Everything else I have seen looks like VHS transfers. This is very bright and nice.

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Lots of Screenshots here

Looks like the restoration team did a great job. Of course. all this really means is that the rest of the drama has to measure up.

It was filmed in 35mm, so yes, it’s in high definition.

For the DVD release they used 16mm prints, and there was one scene they couldn’t locate the source prints for, which they had to use video for, and it showed. This release should be all high def.

It’s also the original 3:2 aspect ratio.


What, Sylvia and Gerry Anderson, Martin Landau, &c &c &c?

What’s not to love!

I was literally just thinking about this show as I walked back to my desk (I’m working on some battle-text-templates for fairy tales, and was reminded of the character who changes forms [Maya, I see upon consulting Wikipedia. It’s been a long time.]).




Agreed that the Eagle is a favorite. I also loved the moonbase design, it lookedmuch like the one in 2K1ASO, and has kind of become the default layout in my mind.

…but the writing, the acting, the productin value, none of these things justify a blu ray transfer for me! I’d far rather see some older monochrome classics brought to blu ray than this stinker.

The BBC/ITV have had a lot of success restoring old TV shows from 16mm onto Bluray–I’m currently watching “Miss Marple”, but other restorations of this kind include “Pride and Prejudice”, “Poirot”, and one episode of “Doctor Who”–“Spearhead from Space.” Though, to be fair, the usual comparison is Videotape onto DVD, so perhaps I’m being too kind. It may be that Bluray is simply an excuse to do a proper restoration, and I’m seeing the effects of that-- not the increase in resolution. It’s certainly not up to the level of “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, for instance, but it is something.

I remember Maya. If I recall correctly it was her who had the shape-shifting abilities wasn’t it? I remember her turning into a bee to defeat some alien by flying into its earhole.
Good times.


After downloading the papercraft Orion PDF ( this morning, I was inspired to search for papercraft Eagles, etc. Don’t ask me why, since I don’t do much papercraft or model making, and the plans I found are way beyond me.

Surely, then, this post was fate.

The show had the best ships, the best sets, and the best actors.

And the worst writing.


The first two, maybe, but on that third one you’re just wrong.


It was dumb, sure, but beautiful. Amazing models, sets and general design.
And as far as “witless '70s SF TV” goes, it’s not even the worst: the completely idiotic and worthless Original Galactica holds that place, as far as I’m concerned.

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IIRC, she could transform for exactly one hour. One absurd episode was a race against the clock as Tony Vereschi HAD TO GET TO THE CAGE AND RELEASE HER, before she was forced to transform back into a human(oid).

Much as I loved the old show, even my 10 year-old brain recognized bad scriptwriting when I saw it.

Still, I thought it was much better than Star Trek TOS.

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Take back those lies blasphemer!

I do love the 70’s grooviness, the control panel stylings, and the often blatantly colorful pieces of Space 1999, but wow, a total snooze fest in most regards.

Well, yes, but that’s not out of choice. Often 16mm is all they have.

As far as Space:1999 goes, it’s worth distinguishing between season 1 and season 2. Yes, the physics of the moon’s breakaway don’t work, but season 1 was thoughtful sci-fi that tried to engage intellectually. Unfortunately they couldn’t get enough budget for season 2 without US network buy-in, and they couldn’t get that without a US sci fi producer in charge of the scripts, which is how season 2 got ruined by Fred Freiberger.

Also, if you like Space:1999 at all, UFO is much better written and was the predecessor.



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As an eight year old I loved it. 1999 seemed so far in the future then. I had a model Eagle to play with. My favourite.

I miss the future where everyone wore pajamas to work.