Entrancing interactive Gregorian Chant generator

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I put on my headphones and started working. .two hours later I realized I was still listening


You know, it does a lot more than just Gregorian chants. Go to the main website, https://mynoise.net/ and there’s tons of variety of ambient sounds it makes. It’s definitely one of my new favorite things.

On a related note, here’s a real ambient song mixer, http://livenaturesongs.com/ it plays live sounds from real locations. I like the Costa Rica rainforest one, you pretty much never know what you’re gonna hear next I guess? Both websites are very good at their things.


Still about 980 years to go on Longplayer, I’m not expecting to hear the finale, personally, but you never know.


Feels like that moment right before Enya kicks in.
In a good way.


I set all four reverb sliders to max.

I set all other controls to zero.

Felt myself lifting out of my chair and into………….!

Phone rang. Came back down. Man, that was close.


Yes, monks were robotniks. Almost zen no-mind. That explains Western civilization, right?

If I knew Latin, I’d be pretty sure it’d sound horrible with all the phrases jumbled up.

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I literally listen to this site all day at work. I use the Cafe Restaurant generator to wipe out any office chatter.
Most of the time I mix that with a little music from Brain.fm.

Be sure to use the animation on the Cafe Restaurant, it fools my brain into missing any repetition.

Oh look! If you use that and an online drum machine like this, you can make your own Enigma albums. Welcome back to MCMXC, everyone!

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