Environments: a pioneering 1970s ambient soundscape series now in app form


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Shut up and take my money already.

I’ve been digging Chris Watson a bit recently, somehow managed not to notice he had an evening performance in a local museum late last year to my great annoyance.
Thanks for making me think of that!


Anyone who likes this kind of stuff should try out mynoise.net. It’s my new favorite website.


Watson is amazing! My family (including my young kids) literally wore out this CD:


I have one that is a constant leaky running toilet, I love it.


Environments for iOS (iTunes)

Boo, hiss.


One of my favorites are the Auroral Chorus recordings by Stephen P. McGreevy. It’s basically naturally occurring radio signals from atmospheric phenomena.

It’s 50% natural environment/50% austere weirdbeard electronic music.



thanks elmer.



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