Epic battle kicking off in Eve Online




Quite the spectator sport, isn’t it?


TEST seems to have made an error.


You can also see the Goonswarm view of this fight at http://www.twitch.tv/themittanidotcom



So, if someone had a really powerful gaming computer could they actually get a closer look at what’s happening? If so is there a video-stream out there? I wanna see!


RIP, TEST. You know better than to mess with Goons.


Goons ruin EVERYTHING.


I’m all for playing video games for entertainment, strategy, distraction etc., but I sometimes wonder if an actual alien race gets a whiff of what we do online will they A) quarantine our solar system, no contact/Reese’s Pieces or B) wipe our planet off the face of the universe as a matter of preventative maintenance.


When Spreadsheets Clash!


Well dear, we try.


I’d be curious to know if EVE has support for ‘recording’ and ‘playback’ of game state in-engine.

Many games do, to support a “replay” feature, or allow recording of a match or whatnot without unreasonable bandwidth requirements or gross compression artifacts: instead of recording the video output, they just record the game state (eg. positions of players or units, actions taken, etc.) and then use the game engine to turn those into video output at a later time by exactly the same means that they would ordinarily produce video output in real time.

The nice thing about working from already-recorded game state is that, if the engine cooperates, you don’t need to render the output in real time. Even a feeble computer can crank every setting to maximum and just chew through the state log, even if it takes multiple seconds per frame.Not useful for real-time reporting, of course; but if you want a gorgeous 2560x1600, all settings maxed, video of the epic space battle, patience is cheaper than an array of new video cards.


Do you have spreadsheets in your house?


“Hold on a second, this installation has a substantial dollar value attached to it!”


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