This six-hour EVE Online retrospective is the best sci-fi movie I've watched all year

Originally published at: This six-hour EVE Online retrospective is the best sci-fi movie I've watched all year | Boing Boing

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I can see how the constant backstabbing and complex scams and heists would make for a compelling narrative.


EVE is fascinating – from time to time I’ll see an in-depth analysis of some particularly jaw-dropping piece of emergent economic mayhem from the world of the game, and even to a non-player such as myself, it always makes enthralling (and sometimes baffling) reading. I can well understand why you’d need six hours to do it justice. There are probably PhD theses waiting to be written (or being written) about it.

That said, I don’t know if I could stand six hours of YouTube Voice. I honestly can’t tell if the narration is synthesized, or if the narrator actually speaks like that, but the cadence is firmly in the aural Uncanny Valley, just robotic enough that it quickly becomes grating. However much I want to hear what he has to say, three minutes was enough; six hours would be unbearable.


Yeah, no. It’s slightly more palatable at 1.25x speed, but that just prolongs the inevitable for me.

I think it’s a real person, but using narrator voice. He’s got another channel where his voice is less robotic (video below). Or else he’s using an ML tool to take his own voice and generate narration. He’s making about $2500/mo on his Patreon, so some people seem to like it?


Dammit, I saw that screen shot and all my brain did is play this in my head.



So…like 20 minute doses until you’re convinced that they’re equally selling Pretend Brand Meth as offering story?


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