Epic beards throughout history


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I was going to happily exclaim “Yay, no neckbeards!” …and then I scrolled down to find Horace Greeley in his neckbearded glory. Damn it!

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I’m very fond of JB Dunlop’s beard on this Northern Irish banknote.


Your facial hair will never be this epic.

Au contraire, mon frère.


Those last two are members of Z.Z.Top, right?

everything’s bigger in Texas.

Man, a pair of Cheap Sunglasses, a Gibson, and a stylish lid, and that guy would be Billy F. Gibbons all right.

I’ll just put this here

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I don’t have enough hair to grow a beard, moustache, body hair, etc. :frowning:

Needs more 1860s animated neckbeard (from Griffonage-dot-com).

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She said I had an ego on me,
The size of Texas,
Well I’m new here,
And I forget,
Does that mean big or small?

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