Epic fantasy in the scary woods, The Vorrh

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This is a good book.
This is also a deeply weird book.
Also sexy.

Be prepared to be disturbed and aroused and confused.


I started it a while back, but I couldn’t get away with it and dumped it for whatever else was in my reading queue. I might ave to give it another go.

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I read the excerpt on Amazon, and his style seems perfectly straightforward to me. Maybe a bit stilted, but no Finnegans Wake. Maybe it weirds up later in the book?

Its… odd. There’s a lot of weird elements together in a book that I don’t think have ever been put together before. And sex. Weird sex.

I’m still not sure if I “like” it… but it was a “good book”.


That’s my kinda reading. I’ll give it a go. I’m reading everything I can get hold of by Elizabeth Hand at the minute, after reading Hard Light after randomly picking it up. i like her a lot.


Weird sex sounds interesting. How about the readability? I have been known to be pretty impatient with anything that gets on my nerves, unless it happens to gel perfectly with my interests… ^^;

I thought it was going to be harder to read than it was… but its not bad. Fairly accessible, I think, I dunno, I’m a bad judge of these things, I like GRRM and Stephen King but also read 18th century cookbooks for fun… so probably not the best judge of prose or syntax?


I finished it a couple of months ago. My take: it’s pretty inventive. It’s not very well written. It’s hard to finish because the narrative runs out of steam in the last quarter. Its treatment of women is embarrassing (all their roles are supporting to men) and attitude to race is painful (African zombies owned and led by a white man unquestioningly). I have no idea at all how Finnegan’s Wake has any relevance to this book. The next book I read was infinitely better - Random Acts of Senseless Violence by Jack Womack.

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Sounds like a great recommendation. :slight_smile:

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Now that, Sir or Madam, is a good book. Man, that last chapter… I love Jack Womack. You should read all his stuff.

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