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If you go in…don’t forget your sword of +2 vegetable slaying?


How are you supposed to let the sunshine in if you have an awning?


I don’t see any peas guiding the planet…


Photo here, per Lloyd Kahn, is by Lloyd Alter (http://www.treehugger.com/author/lloyd-alter/).


Whoever created that should be punished severely. I don’t care if it’s on private land.


I don’t see how that’s necessary.
With an awning like that, they probably have punnish-mint enough already.


Could that be because they’re whirling? Try visualizing whirled peas.


Thank you!


— shamelessly pulled from the same reddit post Cory grabbed the pic —



Give peas a chance!


Ugh. I get not being able to find good substitutes for the original words (though “hominy” is inspired), did they have to destroy the metre of the song like that?



I remember being told by a friend in Chicago that their local camping store had a sign in the window saying “Now is the winter of our discount tents.”



They make a dessert and call it peas.


Ah… Um… “Excuse me, while I kiss this guy”?

Am I doing this right?


This is clearly a reference to the TMBG song “the spawning of the cage and aquarium”


Annie are you Oakley?
Are you Oakley?
Are you Oakley Annie?


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