EPIKGO – The Indestructable Hoverboard

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This is third on my list after $700 fidget toy and “become a gazillionaire”


“That’s pretty awesome for something people thought was just a douchey toy last year.”

Spoiler/news flash. It still is.


is it indestructable enough to contain a battery explosion?


To begin with, it is still being called a hoverboard. I have seen two different sorts of people riding these things. First, kids, who are having fun, which is fine. The other people I have seen riding these are adults who insist on riding them everywhere, and always make it seem pretentious. I am sure that some part of that is my personal feelings, so I would never be rude enough to say anything.


I’ve seen mainly some hoverboards and the segway hoverboard looking one being used in my area. I forget what it’s called. Always looks pretentious and silly, would i say something to the person on it? Definitely not but won’t stop me from having a quiet laugh.

On the other hand i’ve seen more people use electric bikes and longboards and they seem more natural in use and would totally want to own one.



Not a hoverboard:

If you have difficulty spotting the differences, here’s two:

  • One hovers, the other does not.
  • One is shaped like a board, the other is not.

I hope this helps!


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Sure it does!

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This is actually a source of some irritation for me as it goes.

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It’s not fine, it’s boring, you can plainly see that any kid will have more fun on any non-motorized wheeled contraption. It does more for your balance and your muscles, you actually have to learn something and it’s a lot cheaper too!

I would recommend this Big Yamba, it’s a small longboard, really nice for getting around on, nigh indestructible and cheap. No charging, no exploding and a lot lighter when you do have to carry it.


You folks won’t believe the newest thing from Boston Dynamics: bipedal locomotion!

It can even handle stairs and uneven terrain.

It’s only a matter of time before it’s available to humans.


Yes I would believe Boston Dynamic’s stuff. And I’d like to get Chris Bathgate interested in a collaborative design effort with BD. You think this weenie hoverboard is all that great?
Wait until you see our new improved Robot Overlord…

That would be one heavy robot! Doubt it would get very far before the battery died. Would certainly make a bad-ass statue though.

Yep. For some reason I always equate “hoverboard” riding on the same level as the overweight mall cop at my local mall who always seems so serious riding his “not a segway” three wheeled stand and ride whatever the F it is.

All you’d have to do to hit the douche trifecta would be to ride one of these while vaping giant clouds at people and wearing your fake tattoo sleeve shirt…


I can only regret that I have but one like to give this post.


Yes, yes, yes - but you have to TRY on one of these.

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Will it blend?

Seriously, “smooth handheld camera movement” is the one use case those things seem absolutely perfect for. I’d still like to try one for that.


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