Epipen: Mylan and Pfizer let people die while jacking up prices on defective devices, says FDA

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So basically they’re saying the private pharma sector is roughly as corrupt as the FDA itself… well, except of course the private actors just let people die for a profit, while the FDA misrepresents science for political gain causing a lot more lasting damage to a much larger group of people.

Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein was excoriated and called an anti-vaxxer because she acknowledged that the FDA is thoroughly corrupt, but FDA corruption is fairly well documented… if our last US presidential election proved anything, it’s that people prefer to vote for candidates who openly lie.


YES!!! It’s about time some real action was taken!

Oh, right.

I’ll go back to my twitter feed now. Dopamine is good for anaphylaxis, right?


Wait a minute - they killed somebody, and they are being treated to a three strikes you’re out deal? WTF?


The USA’s collective hiney-hole must be sore by now, you’d think.


This is straight up class warfare with real killing involved. These capitalists need to die before they kill us.


Yup, we have a tiered justice system in the U.S. Corporations, the wealthy, politicians, police, and celebrities are allowed access to the platinum system while everyone else is funneled into the shit system.



I don’t know why the FDA is bothering. As the Neoclassicals have taught us, when enough people die, or the price goes too high, new companies will enter the market to balance the equation. There is no need for medical device licensing because the market will take care of it. Maybe it’s simply that enough people haven’t died yet.

We’ve got front row seats for the latest in postmodern neoclassical positivism…

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To paraphrase the Hon. Judge Whitey from Futurama, this is tantamount to the most heinous of crimes - stealing money (from rich people).

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