Equifax CEO Richard Smith is finally resigning


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Just once I’d like the head of a company that royally effs up to take personal responsibility and donate his or her salary and a hefty chunk of their bank account to the people who took the hit.

And I’m not even smoking anything.


golden parachute


Yup, he’s got $18 Million USD in pension to claim.

Also, as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at EQUIFAX INC, Richard F. Smith made $11,937,463 USD in total compensation last year. Of this total $1,450,000 USD was received as a salary, $3,045,000 USD was received as a bonus, $0 USD was received in stock options, $7,323,095 USD was awarded as stock (which I’ll assume he sold a fair amount of before it tanked) and $119,368 USD came from other types of compensation. [sauce]

So he just bails with his money before everything hits the fan?

Christ, what a Dick.


Always resigned; never convicted.


It’s OK. He earned it.


That’s pretty good pay. I wonder what sort of education or experience you’d have to have to systematically destroy consumer confidence in America’s financial institutions like that.


And his parachute will carry him beyond the scorched earth he helped create and beyond the crashing aircraft.


The real dicks are the elected representatives who knowingly crafted a system of laws and regulations that allows such creatures to flourish without being held even the tiniest bit accountable for their egregious actions. Anybody remember the LIBOR scandal?


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