Eradication isn't the only option for invasive species


Nuke 'em from orbit isn’t an option?

Perhaps we can nuke Florida as a test case?

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I’ve always been a big fan of the “eat them solution”. Not sure how that would fly with cane toads, is the poison in the skin/glandy bits like with other toads? Or are they just butt nasty and not worth the effort?

Thanks Maggie for reminding me of the hilarious docu/mocumentary, “Cane Toads - An Unnatural History”.

I’m picturing a whole new line of McDonalds’ Invasive Flying Fish sandwiches. mmm.

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When it comes to something like the sea lamprey in the Great Lakes, I am all for wiping it out.

We’ve been invaded by the brown marmorated stink bug here in Maryland. Their top three characteristics? They fly. They stink. They love to get inside your house.

I’m firmly on the side of eradication.


this might be for you:

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