Eat invasive species and enjoy guilt-free meat


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I think the word you’re looking for is extirpation.


Fish, meet meat. Meat, meet fish.

Cue confused Keanu: Why is fish a meat, but meat isn’t a fish?


Colorado Devision of Wildlife highly encourages the hunting of bullfrogs for this reason.


Bummer that “Asian” (?!) Carp don’t taste better. And have less bones.


Well done, Cory. Eat the invaders!


you should rather deport them to where they came from (at least the less tasty ones).


Whoah Whoah Whoah. Dog fish aren’t an invasive species in NY’s waterways. This is part of their normal range. And while they might be a trash fish, they aren’t over abundant. They’re doing well off the shores of the NE US because we traditionally do not exploit them commercially. But the idea that there are too many of them and that they are “bad” for local fish stocks is a fisherman’s myth. One that has a lot of recreational fisherman killing them, chopping them up, and tossing them back. Any skew in the population is a result of the relative ill heath of populations in otherwise exploitable fisheries. Knocking back the population of a marginally more abundant predatory species is a really kuckleheaded way to try and fix things. Don’t eat them, don’t kill them, toss them back and leave them alone.


Have at it.


I ate wild boar twice on a visit to Italy a couple of summer back. Good on its own, but the meat sauce, over pasta at a country side restaurant, was phenomenal.

There’s a butcher down the road that specializes in game meats. I really need to A) practice making meat sauce with ordinary pork, B) buy some cinghiale!


Huh? Isn’t that just a category question?

Why is a person a mammal but a mammal isn’t a person?


Hrm… Fish stock? Fish sauce? Bonito alternative? Pressure cook with bones, dehydrate and use as fertilizer or animal feed?

Anything that voracious has got to be useful.


So, eat emerald ash borers?

Also, aren’t humans an invasive species in some places?


I have a variant of this meme from a T-shirt design done by a friend of mine for a local rave crew. It reads, “Gan radge and eat cowies” (north east vernacular is fantastic, is it not)?


Ever since I heard about lampreys in the Great Lakes I’ve wondered why they’re not being captured in mass quantities and sold back to Britain where they came from and where they’re considered a delicacy. I’ve always assumed this must be cost prohibitive. We humans have never had trouble wiping out a species when there’s money to be made.


In Hawaii, we suffer from feral goats, sheep and axis deer, introduced over a century ago for game purposes and now doing a number on the local ecosystem; feral pigs that came in with the Polynesians, even moreso. All of them make tasty meals and should be hunted and eaten more.

e.t.a. The big resorts ought to be doing this more.


Yea, we were in Florence and Lucca last September and I couldn’t stop eating pappardelle with wild boar ragu. Oh, man.
With a half liter of house red - you’re in hog heaven…


I agree. Though a lot of people won’t eat wild anything, or anything other than beef or chicken…
I had a friend give me the side eye when I asked him to try my bison chili, like it was going to taste weird.
Every time we go to Kauai, there seem to be more and more wild pigs. We had breakfast one morning out by the golf course in Koloa and a hunter was in the lot with two small ones in his truck that they had trapped.


Yep – wild pig prosciutto FTW! I got some of the best venison ever when I visited Lanai, at one of the fancier restaurants. Loin of axis deer fresh that day and tender as any venison I’ve ever had. One of my friends occasionally goes hunting and I can get venison or peeg if he is willing to share – yum.