Ergonomic JoyCon replacements for the Nintendo Switch make older hands happier

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Since the design of these means they won’t work at all as ‘unattached’ individual controllers, it’s a bit baffling that they didn’t replace the left set of buttons with a cross-pad, especially if their goal was ergonomics.

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Looking at the page, they seem to imply they will work as unattached individual controllers.

When my current joycons give up the ghost, I may look at getting these.

That use case seems like an ergonomic nightmare (even moreso than normal single-tiny-joycon play!). It feels like they missed a chance to focus on doing one thing well, and ended up perpetuating as many awkward design decisions as they fixed, as well as introducing some new ones.

Something like this:

…that worked outside of handheld mode would probably be the ideal case.

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