Eric Holder was the worst Attorney General for the press in a generation. We deserve better


Arrogance personified.

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So, where is the outrage over this? IMHO,Holder should be in jail. I have seen a lot more posts about how bad it is for an honest person to own a gun than posts about this administration’s crackdown on privacy and the media.


I’m pretty sure you can find lots of posts about overreaching surveillance and media on boingboing. I’m not a big fan of the US’s culture surrounding guns, but I’m an awful lot more worried about it’s culture around totalitarian government. Insane gun culture probably only kills about nine or ten thousand people a year.


Holder’s “WikiLeaks Doctrine” has consequences far beyond those commonly mentioned. As it is, a lot of experts won’t go near Government contracts because the contract terms require them to hold classified information secret, regardless of pretty much anything. And, from precedent, that can include information widely available to the public. In other words, the academics can lose the ability to work in their own fields because the common material of the field are “secrets” that can land them in jail.

Holder is working to expand that to everyone. A kid can, in principle, go to Federal prison for a long time for writing a term paper citing a 1964 encyclopedia artical about nuclear weapons.

The AG serves at the pleasure of the POTUS, Your aim is off. You wanna know why Holder was terrible? It was because he was doing the biding of the POTUS.


Did any of these posts that you refer to specifically indict Holder or the President as the source?

Define generation. Worse than Ed Meese in the Reagan White House? Oh hell, no. It is one thing to express disappointment with Obama and his appointees as not being as leftist as we’d like (or as Republicans paint them as), and another thing to ignore the holders of the office who really were right-wing.

It’s not about whether or not Holder was to the left or right of Meese. Holder’s brand of authoritarianism transcends left and right. He was considered by many people who would know to be the worst AG for the press since Watergate.

Whether it was fighting to allow cops to strip search citizens for misdemeanors, supporting a secret Presidential kill list, raiding more medical marijuana dispensaries than Bush (after saying he had no intention to continue the practice), prosecuting more journalists for espionage than all other AG’s combined, or defending the indefinite detention of suspects without a trial, Holder’s reputation is historically awful.


Although the actions of our public servants can accelerate or decelerate, the federal reserve (a private bank) and the practice of fractional reserve banking are at the wheel.

But who’s bound and gagged in the trunk?

I thought that banging sound was coming from the engine.

Searching BoingBoing for “eric holder”… yes.

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