Attorney General quits


Immediately after Obama addressed the nation, a muffled “Honey, Where - is - my - super - suit?” was heard through the barricaded door.


I am hoping his replacement will be more aggressive than Holder. Too many times Holder held back when he should have been in there taking out some ‘bad guys’.


Can anyone explain to the foreigner why he quit?

“Can anyone explain to the foreigner why he quit?” Kinda hate to bring this up as I don’t really know, but the lure of the Beltway’s famous revolving door (i.e., he’ll probably immediately start making at least 5X what he had been) springs to mind. I guess the better question might be, “Why now?” I am curious myself.


The Onion article was priceless. I vote for reposting it to the NRA blog.

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It doesn’t actually bear that much explaining, from the article:

Holder already is one of the longest-serving members of the Obama
Cabinet and currently ranks as the fourth-longest tenured AG in history

It could be he just got tired of it. It’s a pretty thankless job, particularly for him, where he’s been battered from the right, accusing him of being racist (for daring to mention/enforce civil rights, reform sentencing, etc…) corrupt and evil (for refusing to enforce DOMA) and from the left for being too weak on same said issues. I’d quit, too, after a record tenure…

Speaking from the Oval Office, the door to which appeared to have been
barricaded shut, Obama then assured the nation that brutal hordes would
run amok from coast to coast during the complete absence of lawful rule.
He explained that these barbarous mobs would loot homes and businesses,
burn buildings to the ground, and litter the cities with the bodies of
any American citizen who was caught in their path of destruction. (source)

Weren’t we just talking about the Black Bloc?

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