NSA chief and top deputy expected to depart by early 2014


I wonder where he’s going to make his millions. Surveillance drone manufacturer? Private internet surveillance firm? RIAA?


Or maybe make birdhouses by lake Ponchartrain in his secluded stilt-house?

I wonder who will be the first added to the watchlist when the next successor is crowned?


Okay, now clap the Clapper in irons.

If there is enough pressure, they change the guard. What will become of his programs? He succeeded Poindexter, who will succeed him? What terrible ideas will they choose to curate? Will the NSA go away? The data centers? The forensic devastation of our privacy and identity? Only sometimes does the replacement better its predecessor. I am not optimistic in our circumstance. A man can take a fall but what comes next?

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This is slightly premature, unfortunately. Obama is at the beginning of his second mandate, which means he has very little to lose, but his track record on the subject is that he delegates away everything he can, so it’s the Dem establishment which will decide who comes next, depending on how they view their electoral chances in the next cycle (and of course, whose money they might not get in ‘campaign contributions’ if they sway too much one way or the other). It could have been easier in 2015, maybe.

In optimistic terms, however, it could be where the wave broke: in the same day, we’ve had the TSA admitting their job is pointless and Alexander being sacked. It could be that Obama just decided he won’t go down in history as the guy who took the Nobel prize and proceeded to screw the country he was entrusted with, f*ck the party… he’s a lame-duck anyway and never built a real power base to protect, his star power was always coming from people and media.

He also rewards loyalty, so putting someone else in control may mean nothing more than that. He got Susan Rice in, by hook or crook.

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