Congress is fed up with DEA chief Michele Leonhart



So why is she still employed? Eh.

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If congress is willing to say that your methods in the war on drugs have become unsound, it seems hard to escape the conclusion that you have issues and lots of them…

Enough skeletons in the closet(figurative and literal) to shock the conscience of anyone who has one is probably necessary to even get hired for the job; but that’s not usually enough to get congress worked up about you.


So the government is turning on its henchmen. Sacrificial lamb?
Im guessing a paid retirment in a quiet beach community is in her near future.


Which leads us back to the NSA. The violent corrupt animals of the DEA have your personal communication brought to them by the NSA. What the NSA is doing ruins everything.

End the war on drugs yesterday.


Bear in mind, the GOP hates Eric Holder and yet is still holding up his replacement over something completely unrelated. Can’t blame the Pres for avoiding yet another opportunity for them to cause him grief. He’s the only one who can sack her, so you have to ask which is worse from his perspective. If congress really wanted her gone, they’d change the filibuster rules and whatnot so guarantee her replacement a straight up-or-down vote.


For the first time without irony: Thanks, Obama!

Sure we can blame the Pres. Hiring, overseeing, and tacitly approving of an incompetent, insubordinate, dishonest public employee for 6 years is something it’s perfectly reasonable to blame someone for.


If this had anything to do with the DEA it would be pretty exciting, but like every vote in this congress, it’s a referendum on Obama’s blackness.


I’ve noticed this Congress also seems fed up with her boss, and also the rest of the Executive branch. And professors - they don’t like professors one bit. And accountants, and the rest of their county-addy ilk.


Being a lying, evil shitstain is a requirement for that job, so I don’t know why they expect the next one to be any better.


Actually, the DEA established their own giant orwellian database first, and independently. The NSA may well be involved; but the DEA’s epic phone call database was their own project, separate from the NSA’s epic phone call database.

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I see that some here think that there isn’t a security state that operates pretty independently of whomever is in the White House. That’s cute.

P.S. See, for example, this BB post. Well before 9/11, folks.


I was thinking the same thing. Good luck confirming the next one!

Don’t worry, the Republicans will save us from Obama’s Stalinist governmental overreach!

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