Chad Wolf, named Homeland Security Secretary by Trump, quits post

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No credit owed to anyone jumping a week before they’re pushed.


So, … who is minding the store while the boogaloo commences ?
2020 has just annexed 2021-


so long chad. hope you never get another job again.


Yeah…there are plenty of cronies left in the DOD to allow the chaos to reign supreme prior to and during the inauguration.

It’s a clever ploy to protect himself from the backlash resulting from standing up to a corrupt establishment. Suddenly “the legality” of is posting is important, but it wasn’t important when the same well established rules were in place when he accepted the posting? This is just a dodge to save face should Pence grow a spine.

Never forget this man’s name. He is a Trump loyalist who is resigning to keep his place in Trump’s inner circle and avoid actually having to carry out his duties.

So tired of this crap.


Wolf is probably resigning due to being dangerously unqualified and totally unable to handle this situation. My money says the really awful thing Wolf did was accepting the job in the first place.


This describes Trump and the majority of his cabinet as well.


Multiple, multiple reasons to resign.

  1. He was in charge when there was a coup attempt
  2. He’s in legal jeopardy
  3. It’s hard to imagine that Trump did not tell him to do illegal things
  4. You can’t vote on the 25th if you aren’t there
  5. He has a flight booked to Moscow. Long standing holiday. Sorry, can’t be around next week.
  6. It’s time for unity and understanding
  7. It wasn’t him. He had nothing to do with it. Just a bystander. Had no idea that someone wanted to hang Mike Pence or attack any politicians.
  8. Rats and sinking ships
  9. The GAO said he was illegally appointed IN AUGUST! and he only just remembered
  10. Someone has been a very, very naughty boy, and someone helped provide paramilitaries in Portland, reportedly, and who knows what is going to be discovered about paramilitaries.

Especially when it also provides an opportunity to indulge in some cowardice by avoiding discussions of invoking the 25th Amendment against his lord and master. We know exactly what kind of craven toady Chad Wolf is.

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I want to say something about a “hanging chad” but given what almost happened last week, that could be woefully misinterpreted.


Twenty years on, the Department of Homeland Security finally has a chance to justify its existence, and… doesn’t.


You wanna get out early, so you aren’t paying through the nose for moving vans.

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I can 100% guarantee that if he’d voted in favor of invoking the 25th Amendment Trump’s legal team would argue it didn’t count because Wolf wasn’t legally a member of the cabinet anyway.


Note that his letter of resignation fails to mention the failure of his department regarding the insurrection at the Capitol. Instead, he focuses on “meritless court rulings” on his occupation of the office.



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