Breaking: Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn resigns


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So, what are our bets:

Passionate, if inchoate, twitter rant about the Sad and Very UNfair overreaches of the Political NSA; or everyone just pretending that nothing ever happened; because when you aren’t talking about little-people crime; resignation makes it all better?



For Trump to say anything at all would be an admission of weakness, so I predict a rant.



And let’s all note that trump fired his acting AG because she told the truth.


Adios Mofo.


Why do we allow this perpetuation of the “resignation” myth? Dude was fired.


Come now, have you no sympathy for the family that he hasn’t been spending enough time with?


Not that I don’t agree with the sentiment, but I can’t help but wince at that gif given [recent events] (


Trump shows how he only hires the best people:
Shortest term for a national security advisor ever - just 24 days.


I have been quite amazed at how quiet everyone has been. For the first time since my current work and family situation began, many years ago now, I’m not hearing political swipes in every conversation (no matter the topic) and I’m not getting those horrible emails.

I really hope the collective shame promotes some civic growth instead of merely burrowing deep inside.


That’s exactly where my mind went, too. Very scary stuff.


I’m not holding out too much hope for the people who more or less actually want some combination of what Mike Pence and Paul Ryan are promising to deliver; but it may well be the case that Trump’s sheer crassness and obvious incompetence serve as a bit of a reminder of the fact that even most of the politicians you rightfully loath actually put a nontrivial amount of effort into being functional human beings in order to deliver results that are merely ideologically undesirable or criminal; rather than can’t-even-believe-the-trainwreck-unfolding-before-me.

I must admit that Trump has markedly exceeded my expectations for utterly fucking up; and I wasn’t exactly a fan going in; so that really took some doing.


I’m wondering why they’re still floating Petraeus as a replacement, despite the fact that he pleaded guilty to mishandling classified materials. There’s not a chance on earth that he can get a decent security clearance at this stage, and I don’t think there’s anything Trump or his cronies can do to override that.


You don’t think the “But all’s fair in love and war!” appeal will get past those humorless obstructionists that handle clearances?


And, let’s not forget that Petraeus got a hand-slap. He made a plea deal for 2 years probation and fine so ridiculously low - $40K - that the judge upped it to a still piddling $100K.

Meanwhile, we have Flynn on video saying that if he had done just one tenth of what clinton did, he would be in jail. I guess he lied about that too.


They didn’t for me! But then, the Trumpster still won’t put me on the short list for Belgian ambassador! :slight_smile: