Escaping The Maze

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I got a copy of this book in the early to mid 90s and remember spending a lot of time with it. I took it to college with me and spent not a small amount of time trying to diagram and map the thing out. I never got through the book, despite my efforts. It’s funny too that I still think about this book periodically. I may have to get another copy of it. In these internet times, it may be hard to not look for hints and spoilers though.

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“world’s most challenging puzzle”?

Uh, if this was the case, how could there be twelve fastest solvers, and after just three years? Decoding the Coats of Arms of Governor General David Johnson is probably a more difficult puzzle.

/ Me, I’m going with “bar code for a free double-double at Tim’s”…


And now is your chance to journey into the maze.

Why is now my chance? Have I bought this book? Has it been posted online for free?

Always loved this book.

Well, it’s in quotes, because that’s the subtitle of the book. I don’t think the author of the post actually considers it to literally be the world’s most challenging puzzle.

Spent SO much time in 1986-87 trying to solve this bugger! Complex maps, free-association of items and symbols, nada. I overlooked one VERY important facet of the puzzle that made it impossible for me to solve. Aggravating, but fun; wish someone would build the sucker somewhere.

Was it harder than Masquerade, which predated it by six years and was only solved under the umbra of skullduggery?

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