Meet one of the creators of the New York Times crossword puzzle


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Ort! Psst! “Middle Eastern ruler (var.)”!


That was really cool. A truly wonderful thing!


Hey, that looks really easy! I think I’ll submit some to the NYT too!


He uses editing tricks.
Constructing one is easy but I imagine constructing a good one is not.


(I was kidding, it looks super difficult and it would take me 27 years.)


Puzzle solution if anyone’s still head-scratching (spoiler tag failed the first time, hope nobody saw):



Yeah, nevermind… I only caught one out of the FOUR things he hid. :smirk:


“Mos Def is a great one.”

Yes he is, sir. Yes he is.


Hold me closer, ____ Danza.

(Second clue spoiler!)

The pin on his shirt changes in each ‘scene’ to have the letters DIAMOND when they’re all rearranged. Fun!


A (London) Times Crossword takes me days to give up uncompleted.

Abroad, I will surmount a terrible resentment (8)


JEALOUSY -JE [“I” in french (abroad) ] “will surmount” (In front of) “a terrible” /A LOUSY


Those are cryptic crosswords… which are a different thing and give me headaches. MrsTobinL loves them though.

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