Weird Al Yankovic co-authored today's New York Times crowssword puzzle


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Weird Al Yankovic co-authored today’s New York Times crowssword puzzle

Intentional, or slow news day? The Birds taken to a new level?


and it was a fun one to solve.

ETA @pesco is the download available to non-subscribers?


Apparently it is, even though the NY Times site says not. Perhaps just this once?


I have no way to check as I have a puzzle subscription. Well I just checked with private browsing and it worked. So today’s puzzle is a freebie.


I followed the link to the PDF but no printer, lol
(spoiled puzzle)



Just write the answers on your screen :smiley:


While I have access to a printer I just did it online. Friday and Saturday are the only ones I print out and get help from the Mrs on those.


I’m struggling for a cheese themed ‘Gone with the wind’ title, because, of course, the signature line would be “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give edam.”


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