Estonian programmer for Megaupload pleads guilty, sentenced to year in U.S. prison


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Ever notice how some industries use governments and public funds for their own agenda?

I hope the agenda doesn’t switch from media control to world dominance?


Too late.


The bad news: actual prison sentence.

The good news: in a year and a month, safely returned to his home, this guy can start receiving donations from those who want to say “fuck you very much” to US copyright laws.

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The much worse news: precedent.


Too bad there wasn’t a fundraiser to get him some decent legal representation before he decided to plead out.


Next in news:

  • CEOs of gun manufacturing corporations brought to justice, they testify that they “were aware that guns produced by them have been used for murdering people”
  • President Bush and other government officials have been sentenced as they “were aware that there are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but they have started war anyway”
  • CIA officials have been arrested and are awaiting rail after they have admitted that they “were aware that there is extensive torture program being applied to prisoners held captive in Guantanamo”
  • NSA officials have been arrested after they have admitted that they “were aware that massive spying of US citizens was illegal - unconstitutional”
  • Employees of major storage media manufactures have been arrested for participation in production of devices - like usb drives, hard drives - they have admitted to “being aware that devices could be used to store copyrighted material”

Of course I am being ridiculous here. First one is not adequate, because guns are for fun and defence, they have not been invented for killing people - people use them this way, but this problem with people. Three next are just petty crimes not worth a dime from tax peters; the forth one is not even similar to the Megaupload case, these corporations just sell storage devices how is it comparable to selling online storage? Ridiculous…

Congratulations, you have just jailed guy that has been selling online storage; next time please arrest owner of Glock industries - he must be aware that some of his guns are used in robberies/murders/etc.

You are welcome to add your own satirical (or not) “were aware of (…)” sentences below :wink:


Now I’ve Got You, You Son Of a Bitch.

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I miss megaupload.


The bloody EU needs a law prohibiting the extradition of its citizens to third countries.


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