EU to regulate AI

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I will have to read it, and read smarter and better informed people than me explaining it, so I’ll get back to you in predictably boring and bureaucratic fashion. The EU’s spirit colour is beige.


I mean… they’re isn’t anything wrong with that! I’m kind of sick of living in a society over here whose spirit color is the color out of space…


It is impossible to read about the “EU AI Act” without finding myself humming “‘Ol’ Mc Donald had a farm”…


The decision was hammered out at a session on Friday following a nearly 24 hour marathon that stretched from Wednesday to Thursday. During the first meeting, some negotiators dozed off in the hall

I’m glad to see that they didn’t establish some arbitrary deadline, and, instead, took their time to sculpt some watertight regulations… :thinking:… Who am I kidding, this is going to be as successful as the UK’s anti-porn initiative. A bunch of blindfolded idiots trying to identify an elephant by feel.

Eitided fro Slepling

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The future is looking bright then,

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