The Best of Europe’s Web Went Dark Today. We Can’t Let That Be Our Future


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Is there something wrong with the internet? I don’t get it. Something something Europe?


Looking at the legislative process, there’s clearly something wrong with EU - they don’t listen to anyone but lobbyists. There will be protests in the entire EU, and I’m going to participate in Warsaw protest.
Similar directives are being in other countries though, including USA.


Like the honey badger, torrents and Usenet don’t care.


I know I know - they keep trying and failing, but they get paid to try again.

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Could there be a worse time for this vote to happen when one of the EU members is currently experiencing an epic crisis on a par with WW2? The difference being this is entirely self-inflicted. Fuxit is like a vacuum sucking all the oxygen out of anything useful being achieved.

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