EU wants to require permission to make a link on the Web

spelling mistake:? . . . . to pay layers to . . . .

It took me a while but I found something not terrible: The EU is an associate of the CERN since 1985 and covers a small percentage of the running costs.

Maybe this funding enabled Berners-Lee’s little hypertext project :smile:

There is that. I suppose that the internet, and the web, enjoyed the element of surprise growing up: nobody really expected either of them to make something of themselves, and so they failed to intervene as those developed a variety of incumbent-saddening features.

That’s what alwayd creeps me out when somebody points out that the internet is architecturally shoddy in one way or another: it’s not false, some aspects are pretty creaky; but is there a chance in hell that we’d get anything so unfocused on coddling the incumbent were we to try a redesign?


So are map makers committing a crime by giving you the address of locations used by criminals?

Forget that, they are committing a crime by giving you the location of any home or business that the have not explicitly asked for consent. The location of my home, as a concept, apparently belongs to me.


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