The EU can #fixcopyright, but they're not


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I’m not sure that copyright can be “fixed” Too many competing interests, and wildly different opinions of where the rights should be balanced between copyright owners and copy owners. But what is and is not allowed should be reasonably clear in most cases.


It’s not uncommon for the URLs of news articles themselves to include the article’s headline.

I’m just being a bit facetious (and no way have I seriously thought this through), but a random thought occurred … what if all the internet publishers/platforms refused to carry ANY book’s, film’s, musical work’s, etc. title that is in the form of a link? After all a title is copyright, isn’t it? I suspect exposure and sales of said items might decline and some of the ‘industries’ that think they want this might think again. (Or maybe I’ve completely misunderstood.)


They’re not talking a bout a link in a title, but rather something like Of course under US law that isn’t a problem because titles can’t be copyrighted. Sometimes they, or elements in them are trademarked, but they are not copyrighted.


OK. And I may have expressed it badly. What about something like a link that is (wherer Harry Potter and the Forty Thieves is a real title) or any other sort of link that contains a work’s title.
Can titles be copyrighted in Europe? (Didn’t realise they cannot in USA.)

PS actual link provided here may not be SFW. I apologise in advance.


The characters are, so unlicensed fanfic isn’t strictly legal in the US.

Also I have a strong suspicion that Harry Potter is trademarked in multiple countries.


I dont have much hope anymore for a “fix” before this gets EU-law. most likely europe will be seperatetd and geo-blocked from the rest of the world, internetwise speaking. and as always, people have to dive into shit, before they realise that they do dive into shit, because of their actions beforehand. at least VPNs arent “illegal”. yet.


Jeepers, I hope not, since I have lifetime subscriptions to three VPNs courtesy of the BB store.


I think that it has been proven that titles are not covered by copyright, isn’t there a sci-fi author who recycles other authors’ book titles (Cory Doctorow, or Rudy Rucker, or someone like that)?


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