Europeans killed ACTA, and we have just SIX DAYS to save the internet again!

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Fatigue is setting in, must make it to Friday…



At this point, whenever I’m writing a letter to a US congress critter regarding yet another attempt to destroy the internet, I make a point of asking just how many times the citizens of the US will have to organize massive campaigns to stop their government from doing a thing that they very definitely do not want. I mean, there has to be a point in which they lose their bona fide–I mean, at some point they can no longer claim to be supporting anyone’s interests but their own. The people have spoken again, and again, and again, and Congress just keeps trying to find some way of sneaking or ramming it through.

We can’t allow ourselves to get fatigued though. That’s what they are counting on, and we have to show them that they can’t just nag us until they can do whatever crooked thing they want. It’s exhausting, but it’s what we’re going to have to do.


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