"Europe's last dictator" finally finds the limits to power: taxing the unemployed during a recession

Get back to us with your revision of that theory after you’ve taken a billy club to the head, or been disappeared into a secret prison indefinitely without trial.


Goodness knows the US doesn’t disappear people into secret prisons for secret reasons. That would be wrong. Or beat protesters. Or soak them in cold water during a bitterly cold winter. Or spray them with pepper spray as they writhe, helpless, on the ground. Or, you know, murders them, randomly, for special lucky secret reasons nobody is allowed to know about.

And the US certainly doesn’t randomly remove people’s assistance or make them take expensive drug tests or make them work for their meager government assistance paycheck. Those, too, would be wrong.

And if you think “But those things happen to Other People,” well congratulations, so do the folk of Belarus. And the people abiding cruel, unjust, criminal regimes throughout history.


This is kind of odd. Most dictators, like the past one in Germany and current one in America, use the unemployed underclass and get them on their side to fight outright enemies like the Press, labor unions, or the Intelligensia. He’s doing it wrong.


Fool. Doesn’t he know that getting rid of that tax would have magically raised the missing revenue?

That’s the way to prosperity. Pass tax raises that are automatically reversed.


Uh, what? Where did I say that such actions were specific to avowed dictators, or that the U.S. is innocent? I was objecting to popo’s implication that abuse of authority can only happen with the consent of the abused.


You did? Crap. I apologize, I misread, badly. Shouldn’t really write these when terminally sleep deprived. Sorry.


Tangentally connected, the other day I found out about a disturbingly active alt-right community advocating Pinochet style “helicopter rides” for liberals.

Is is OK to punch them in the face now?


When I read “Europe’s last dictator” I thought this would be a story on the Pope.
Why does the Vatican get a pass on the dictator thing?

Also stolen from the Goodies (c. 1975) – punitive tax rates for poorer people will naturally incentivise them to become wealthier.
It was funny at the time.

Because 842 people in an area of less than half a square kilometer, completely surrounded by a country of 60,000,000 people and 3,000,000 km2, is more of a “suburb” than a dictatorship.

So size matters?


I just don’t know how Soros can afford to pay all these people!

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