Eurovision 2016

Anyone watching today?

Want a thread for snarking on it here instead of Twitter?

Have at it! (in a few hours)

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Of course. I think I missed one in the past twenty years.




Weird, the live stream that Eurovision operate is geoblocked in the US now. I guess that’s part of the deal with this TV channel that’s showing it instead? Hopefully that doesn’t mean adverts.

I won’t be watching live (no European friends locally anymore), but I will be downloading the British broadcast of it later.

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It’s just about over anyway (is over, now?), bar the judging.

I haven’t been commenting, because it’s been pretty dull. Perhaps the semi-final format weeds out the really odd stuff. Except Germany, but they’re one of the entries that get to the final automatically, like the UK, by virtue of paying for the thing, I think.

Suspect Russia will win. Ukraine song was a dig at Putin, British song was shite, will be down near nil points.

Isn’t that traditional?


So…following the votes being declared is pointless this year?

(insert Richard Osman joke)

Yes. This is the stupidest way of doing this ever.


I recently found a CD of Gin Soaked Boy by The Divine Comedy with this on it at a reasonable price. I had to buy it.

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