Eurovision to be shown in the States


America’s lowbrow, meet Eurotrash.

Although I understand a lot of folks who otherwise have some taste get into it in kind of ironic, glammy way…


Hang on…


Eurovision has also been broadcast outside Europe to several countries that do not compete, such as the USA and China.

I can see Jedward going over well in China.

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Not the same without Terry Wogan.

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It was always streamable anyway.

But it’s on way too early in the US to let you be drunk enough for it.


It airs before 11 am?


It’s going to be on Logo… makes sense. if I had cable, I’d be there…

That would be the Brits.

They aren’t actually bad at it. It’s that unlike their less sophisticated continental brethren they are above really trying.

The word you’re looking for is “camp” I think?


The British entries are always terrible, because not even half-decent pop acts want to be associated with it any more. The country is too sneery about the whole thing. I don’t think the free entry into the final for the countries that bankroll the whole thing helps much in the voting or for the quality of their entry.

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Incidentally, this is one of the more interesting tracks that made it to Eurovision in recent years (2012):

Rambo Amadeus has an interesting history going back to the pre-war days in Yugoslavia and I was really surprised he got to the semi-finals.


I hope we get the British broadcast of it. Graham Norton presenting is always fantastic.

(Can’t read the article due to ISP suckage, so not sure if it says that)

Eurovision is the irony singularity.

You have people who sincerely and unironically like it. Other people think it is the worst thing ever and spend the evening picking it apart. Yet others have fond feelings for it but can’t reconcilitate that with their sophisticated self-image and so they plead irony.

You can add as many additional layers of irony as you need to be comfortable. In the end none of that matters. Whether you watch it at a gay bar, at an officially ironic motto party, on the couch with your grandma or just by yourself - millions and millions of people spend an evening together having fun in a very camp parallel universe.

For one evening at least high school is truly over. You are not defined by what you are supposed to like or how you are supposed to present yourself.


But there is nothing unusual about that. In very small markets it may compare more favorably to the “real” domestic pop market, but Eurovision is not really a place for established mainstream artists.

The British just seem to make a disproportionate amount of noise about how they didn’t want to win anyway.

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The Brits lately seem to be “over” alignment with Europe in a number of ways… Complaints about Eurovision and EU regulations!

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I’m kind of dreading the result of the referendum. At least it should finish the careers of either Cameron/Osborne or Johnson/Gove.

Eurovision was never serious, but British entries weren’t always dire. I heard Gina G playing in Fred Meyer the other day :slight_smile: Now their entries seem to either be ironically bad, or just boring.

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I love the fact that it is hundreds of years of political tensions, rolled up into a shitshow of song and dance. Graham Norton taking digs at the French, the Russians getting booed. The french singing about Mustaches?

And occasionally, you get a total underdog winner, like a rock band dressed up like fucking orcs.


I live in the greater Los Angeles area and I never had the pleasure of being able to watch any of this. I have been fortunate in seeing GB’s entries via Graham Norton.

ahh it is a show that gives you the amazing and awful all the same time