Evel Knievel's Sky-Sicle and Motor-Sicle treats


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Almost as much as he did for his paintings, I’d bet!


I’m into this Popsicle hustle.



Is it just me, or is that suspiciously phallic?


I don’t want a pickle. I just want to suck on my motor-sicle. I don’t want a tickle, I’d rather suck on my motor-sicle. And I don’t want to die, I rather suck on my frozen sky-ci…


And not a very flattering marketing image for that kid, either.


Probably a better deal than his delightfully bad movie.


That’s how kids in the 1970ies used to looked like.
I was there, man, I was there.


Oh, I’m just talking about the imagery. When I was a kid, I was often mistaken for a girl due to my long hair, which was practically conservative in those days.


As another child of the 70s I can confirm.




As un-pc as it is, I still love that movie.


In my undercaffeinated state, I read the headline as “Evel Knievel’s Sky-Sicle and Motor-Sicle teats


"As far as I'm concerned, good tunes is good tunes. Be it disco or rock, or polka, or whatever have you, regardless of the category."

~Christine, aka 'the Disco Stella'


Yeah, what is that? I recognize it but can’t place it.


Detroit Rock City


It is just you.


Geez, the ready-made gifs for that flick all have huge image sizes.


Also, I never knew that Ace Frehley and Peter Criss consider DRC the movie to be a big ‘fuck you’ to them from Gene Simmons, because of his antics behind the scenes as a producer.


Phew! I was worried there!


Not the creepiest way to sell popsicles to kids